Sometimes, we do come across and idea that makes us kick ourselves in the butt simply because it should have been thought of before. Case in point, the MinuteKey kiosk. Most of the time, duplicating a set of keys often requires you to come into contact with another human being who will then throw a close look at the bunch of keys that you want to duplicate, before affixing them to a machine and grinding out the right “teeth”. Well, the MinuteKey kiosk works differently, where it has the proud boast of being more accurate compared to the handiwork at majority of the hardware stores out there. A key will cost you $1.49 to duplicate, while a trio of keys will cost $3. Not only that, whenever you choose a key, you can also select your own decorative key design.


One thing though, the MinuteKey kiosk will not do car keys, which some might see it as a good thing. Unfortunately, if you do not own a credit card, you are unable to use the MinuteKey kiosk since it does not accept cash at all. Expect to hunt down the MinuteKey kiosk in select Lowe’s, Costco, Sears and Walmart stores throughout the country.

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