Being hot headed can be destructive – as one implodes, especially when playing in a team game during the most crucial of moments, one’s actions might actually jeopardize the entire team’s chance at silverware. Well, we are glad to know that there is a device in the market known as MyndPlay which is capable of reading one’s state of mind through the analysis of electrical signals that are emitted by one’s brain. So far, Manchester City, the English Premiership’s top of the table team at the moment will test similar ‘mind-reading’ headsets on their hot tempered players in order to improve their behaviour on and off the pitch.

Basically, those wearing the MyndPlay headset will then be required to play computer games, including making a character walk across a narrow beam. This task can only be completed when one remains calm, and if you start to feel stressed, then your character will have to begin right from the start all over again. I wonder whether Bruce Banner from the Avengers had plenty of training with this, especially when seeing Tony Stark prod him in the lab in order to accelerate his transformation to the Hulk – but failed to do so, as Banner looked like the epitome of calmness.

The crux of the question is this – will it help or not? Only time will tell, and if MyndPlay technology is effective in training one’s mind to be more calm even under stressful situations, then it might see more practical use outside those of football clubs.

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