A while back, Sony released a beta version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Xperia Play, but there have been reports of stability issues with some games running on the device. Based on the silence so far, many had assumed that Sony was hard at work ironing out the kinks in the update, but now it seems like they might have scrapped the update entirely. This was speculated by the folks at Xperia Gamer who upon heading to the Sony Mobile website discovered that under the list of devices (screenshot pictured above) that will receive the Android 4.0 update, the Xperia Play was not listed! While we had initially thought that it might be due to the hardware not being powerful enough to support ICS, the notion was quickly dismissed as we had realized that similarly specced phones to the Xperia Play were on the list. Now this could simply be a user error where whoever created the website had forgotten to include the Xperia Play, so for now we will prevent from speculating too much and will wait and see how Sony responds to this.

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