When it comes to playing video games, apart from having adequate hardware (where computers are concerned and not so much consoles) and the right kind of reflexes, you might want to make sure that you have the right peripherals to go along with it as well. Case in point, LevelUp has come up with the ROAM MobileOS game controller that turns back the clock to the good old days of the NES where its design is concerned, sporting a rectangular form factor that measures 120mm x 16mm x 52mm. Still, it has ergonomics factored into its design, and will also carry many of the features that are normally found on full size game controllers.

The ROAM game controller will play nice (pardon the pun) with both iOS and Android-powered devices, thanks to a quartet of play modes – iOS mode, keyboard mode, mouse mode and game pad mode. Game pad mode will ensure that the dual analog sticks are alive and kickin’, while Google’s open API in Android 3.0 and higher is capable of helping one experience what LevelUp claims as “console quality control to mobile gaming.”

It is a snap to set up, using nothing but the Power/Sync button, while its internal rechargeable battery delivers a working range of 30 feet with 10 hours of battery life. Considering how many games for touchscreen devices are touch based, the ROAM MobileOS game controller can be considered to be a luxury and not a necessity.

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