RunCore, the Chinese company specializing in high-performance solid-state drives, has officially launched its InVincible Solid State Disc drive. According to RunCore, its SATA SSD is a state of the art data security that features two buttons that will activate either two of its cool features. RunCore said that its InVincible SSD will allow users to protect sensitive data from third party access in two ways: intelligence destruction and physical destruction. The intelligence destruction is a security feature that will eliminate all the data on the disk by overwriting it with a code. “This overwrite-deletion method ensures that there is no way to potentially recover previous data stored on the device, effectively setting your SSD back to factory default,” RunCore said. If you think that feature is cool, let’s talk about the physical destruction feature. Check out the InVincible SSD in action after the jump.

As the name suggests, this feature will apply an over-current to the logical NAND flash memory, hence, physically destroying the circuitry in the process. If you’ll check out the video below, you’ll literally see the disk smoking. RunCore hopes that its InVincible SSD will help and deliver optimized storage options in mission-critical fields including the military, defense agencies, aerospace and other industries. “With the RunCore InVincible, you now have a highly advanced data protection solution for the most demanding professional usage which is also suited to the private sector where data security is becoming an ever more important concern,” RunCore added. Even though the SSD has just been launched, the price and availability of the drive has not been confirmed.

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