So Mitsubishi has a 155″ OLED TV that was showcased at CEATEC all the way back in 2009, but Samsung has shown that with time and determination, they are able to overtake their rivals – or at least catch up with them. Back in January this year, the world took notice of LG’s 55-inch OLED TV, making grown men who love technology slobber all over the place, much to their other half’s chagrin. Well, it seems that Samsung intends to make this 55-inch behemoth a reality in living rooms across the US. Going by the model number ES9500, this 55-inch OLED TV is said to deliver unprecedented picture quality, a wide range of Smart Content, as well as a premium design that ushers in a new age for Samsung as well as the TV industry on the whole.


This new OLED TV is made up of self-emitting light sub-pixels, where each of them is able to be adjusted individually. Due to this particular nature, the technology can tell the difference between one black from another, virtually giving it unlimited contrast ratio. It is said that the ES9500’s self-emitting sub-pixels will be able to be configured individually, and their collected effort ends up as reproducing life-like colors which have been touted to be 20% richer compared to standard LED TVs. [Press Release]

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