What you see in the video above is not some holographic representation of a future space battle. No sir, it is known as the Daedalus, developed by NICT to be one of the world’s most advanced cyber-attack alert systems. Basically, Daedalus will be able to render attacks on networks in real time for your eyes to maintain a visual track of what is going on at all times. The sphere right smack in the middle is a representation of the Internet, while the circles which orbit around it are networks which are being observed. If there is an attack that occurs, it will be shown in 3D graphics, and can be seen from virtually any perspective.

The team behind the Daedalus explains, “The blue part in this organization shows IP addresses that are used, and the black part shows addresses that are not used. This character indicates an alert. When you click on the alert, a message showing the cause appears. In this case, only two packets have been sent. But because the packets go from an address that’s used to an address that’s not used, this indicates that a virus is starting to spread within the organization. If this kind of situation is input to our observation network, we can observe it, and find out things like that. The system automatically sends an alert, saying, ‘This IP address of yours is spreading a virus using this protocol at this time’.”

Sounds really cool – will we be able to see such a system being made available, albeit in a miniaturized manner, for home customers in the future? One can only hope.

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