KONstore does sound rather out of place at first, but it actually stands for “Knock of Neverland”, and they have come up with this unique stand for phones that they call the iDUCK. Well, you can tell for obvious reasons that such a naming convention has been selected, where the iDUCK functions as a stand for all phones and small mobile pads. Featuring a duck’s beak (not the real deal, so don’t worry, no ducks were harmed in the manufacturing of the iDUCK), and it will also transform your phone into a duck face in the process – it looks even better when you use the eye stickers in the package.

Other that living out its purpose as a stand, the iDUCK will also double up as storage space for tiny accessories, including earphones. Not only that, you are able to tote around the iDUCK as a key holder thanks to the small strap in the package. The asking price for the iDUCK stands at $19.90, bear in mind that this will not lay you any golden eggs, but at least it looks cute!

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