Getting tied down to a contract is definitely far different from remaining to a marriage – the latter is far more joyous, and with the former, you tend to see people let out a whoop of joy when they finally arrive at the end of the contracted period simply because that means they are free to choose another device (and subsequently, for most of us, remain tied down to yet another 2 years’ worth of contractual obligations). Well, Lenovo understands and emphatizes with your feelings, and intends to remove the kind of guesswork involved where an Internet connection with your ThinkPad is concerned.

Lenovo Mobile Access delivers a dongle-free portable broadband experience, although this would mean you will need to own a Lenovo device beforehand (that goes without saying, of course). Working alongside Macheen, Lenovo will offer broadband access sans contract to those who are proud owners of selected ThinkPad notebooks. If you are the type who just checks emails once in a while, all you need to do is fork out $2 – making sure your email checking practises run for under half an hour and consume no more than 30MB of data. Those who want full day access with a maximum of 200MB of data usage will have to fork out $9. Plans for monthly plans are also in the pipeline. [Press Release]

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