Netflix has just announced the availability of its own content delivery network (CDN) called Open Connect today. Open Connect, similar to commercial CDNs, promises to provide Netflix’s data for free to locations that a particular ISP is requesting. ISPs can also choose to get the Netflix data at common Internet exchanges. The company explained that Netflix has been delivering petabytes of data exclusively through commercial content delivery networks. Netflix believes that it now makes sense to have its own content delivery network.

“Now, in addition to these general-purpose commercial CDNs, we are enabling ISPs to get Netflix video data from Open Connect, a single-purpose Netflix content delivery network we’ve established. The world’s other major Internet video provider, YouTube, has long had its own content delivery network. Given our size and growth, it now makes economic sense for Netflix to have one as well,” Netflix wrote on its blog today.

Furthermore, Netflix is also offering its hardware design and software components for other companies to use. “These cost-efficient designs are suitable for any high-volume provider of large media files. We welcome commentary and improvements, which will be shared with the community with the goal of a faster, less expensive Internet for all,” Netflix added. About 5% of Netflix data is already being served by Open Connect. Interested ISPs can find full details here.

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