[E3 2012] A couple of days ago, the Nintendo Wii U GamePad got detailed and now at the E3 Nintendo Press Conference, the GamePad along with some of its features have been confirmed and detailed. Described as a “new disruption called asymmetric gameplay,” for starters in case you were planning on getting the Wii U as a social console that you can play with friends and family, the good news is that the Wii U will support two separate GamePads.

The touchscreen on the GamePad itself can be navigated using either your fingers or a stylus which will come bundled with the GamePad itself. As you might have noticed in the photo above, the design of the GamePad is certainly a departure from the original design. It will now come in black and will feature redesigned analog sticks. The GamePad will also sport ZL/ZR trigger buttons placed at the back and L/R buttons on the shoulders of the controller.

It will come with a built-in rumble motor, an accelerometer and a gyroscope that can be used to play games, such as navigating the “Batarang” in Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, built-in camera for video conferences, stereo speakers and a microphone. As you have probably noticed by now, there is a glowing blue Home button in the bottom portion of the GamePad. According to Nintendo, this will suspend the gameplay and will allow you to perform other social features like chatting with your friends.

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