Earlier we reported that according to a UK retailer, they had pegged the price of the Nintendo Wii U at £279.85. However given that Nintendo has yet to reveal the pricing and availability of the console, this was more of a guestimation rather than official figure, but just how much will the Wii U cost then? The Nintendo Wii is priced at $250 at Best Buy so could we be looking at a similar price? Speaking to IGN in an interview, Nintendo of America’s president, Reggie Fils-Aime stated that when the price is officially revealed, “people are going to be pleasantly surprised.”

“Nintendo believes in being a mass market product, so unlike our competitors when they’ve launched historical systems to maybe start at a really high price and work their way down, we don’t believe in that.

“We want to launch at a price that’s going to represent an ongoing great value. If you look at the Wii, we stayed at $250 for a really long time, so we’re going to give that same level of thought to Wii U.”

So what do you guys think? Could we be looking at an affordable brand new console when it launches?

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