PLX has just announced the availability of the XWave Sport, which is a Brain Computer Interface device that comes in the form of a fashionable headband, specially designed for anyone with a yen for exercise to wear. The XWave Sport is capable of measuring and detecting your brainwaves in a safe manner, thanks to a soft conductive fabric that is placed gently over your left eyebrow. All the information will be translated into useful mental states, where your relaxation, focus and other parameters are now measurable – with your smartphone or device being the device that will receive such data for your own perusal and analysis.


There will be apps made available from games, brain training, and mental health training, and this kind of technology does seem to be some form of novelty at first glance, but I guess that there is more to it than that when you take a closer look. Right now, the XWave Sport is patent pending, and you can pick it up for $99 a pop if you are interested.

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