If you’ve ever wanted a companion to keep you company while you exercise or to motivate you, Floyd Mueller and Eberhard GrÃther from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Australia have come up with a robot dubbed the Joggobot. Based on the AR. Drone, the Joggobot basically hovers in front of the runner at a pre-determined pace, but how does it know it’s following you?

Well in case the photos above did not already give it away, the Joggobot will be able to sense its controller via onboard cameras that will see the multicolored shirt that the jogger is wearing. No word on whether they plan to mass produce the Joggobot but we have to admit that it does sound like a pretty clever idea, so to check it out in action, watch the video below for the demonstration! So out of curiosity, would any runners/joggers out there be interested in such a device?

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