If you are a serious gamer who favors the PC as the gaming platform of choice in the comfort of your home, then you would clearly be one of the following two – those who prefer to build a gaming rig from scratch, purchasing just about every single part and piece, making sure that everything will be able to work in tandem with one another at the end of the day. Another group would be those who do not mind purchasing a new gaming computer from a manufacturer, where it is good to go right out of the box without you having to change any more bits or pieces. Velocity Micro has decided to cater to the latter group, where their Overdrive BigBlock GTX range of gaming rigs will come with the latest Ivy Bridge processors, and has promised this to be “the new benchmark for extreme speed and luxury.”

After all, when you have a Core i7 3960X processor that has been “hyperclocked” to 4.6GHz, 32GB of quad-channel RAM, a trio of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards in Tri-SLI mode, as well as a couple of SSDs that has a 2TB hard drive to work alongside it, you know that the kind of games you load up on this gaming rig will not have the chance to stutter where frame rates are concerned. The thing is, you will need to dig deep to own one of these puppies, as the sticker price starts from $8,000 onwards.

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