Kindle 3GFor those of you who own a Kindle 3G, it looks like those days of free, unlimited web browsing have come to an end. According to reports online, some users are starting to receive 3G bandwidth cap warnings. Apparently users were just browsing with the e-book reader as normal and were then presented with warnings letting them know that they had hit their 50MB monthly quota. They then received another notification saying that they’d be able to surf for another 24 hours – after that period, they will only be able to use the 3G to access, Wikipedia and the Kindle Store. For anything else they would have to do it over WiFi.

While the limit has been in place before, it seems that it wasn’t enforced until now. Considering how users can still use the 3G to access Wikipedia and shop on Amazon without any problems, it shouldn’t be that huge of an issue. But for those of you who use the Kindle to surf the web a lot, I guess you’ll have to start changing your habits. Any of you experienced these data cap notifications yet?

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