Here’s some geeky and inspiring story for you today. One Reddit user who goes by the name NoShftShck16 wanted to propose to her girlfriend of two years. So, he came up with an ingenious idea – propose to her using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus via a boot animation. NoShftShck16 posted a question to Reddit, asking if it was possible to slow down the boot time of the device. Thankfully, with the help of others, he was able to slow down the bootloader of the Galaxy Nexus and successfully installed his sweet custom boot animation.

NoShftShck16 also reportedly sent a message to Google’s Vic Gundotra and Satyajeet Salgar via Google+, asking if he can borrow a Project Glass unit to document the proposol. Surprisingly,  Satyajeet Salgar replied saying, “Thank you interest and passion for Google+ and Glass. It is an awesome sentiment and we truly appreciate it at Google! The boot animation sounds amazing. However, I doubt that team is ready to send out any of the devices just yet. My suggestion: don’t try to wait till they (or any new tech for that matter) are ready – you guys looks great together in your profile pic – propose as soon as you’re ready.”

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