Google Nexus 7

We all know that the Google Nexus 7 is a pretty sweet tablet especially for the low price that it can be purchased for. If you’re keen on how much Google will be making on sales of the tablet, the folks over at AllThingsD have got the answer for you. After tearing apart the Nexus 7, the folks over at IHS iSuppli have come to a conclusion that the Android tablet costs $151.75 to build for the 8GB version. The 16GB version costs a bit more at $159.25.

While these figures aren’t exact (we don’t have the cost of workmanship, and time put into development of the tablet and operating system), they’re a good gauge of how much the materials cost. With the 8GB Nexus retailing for $199 and the 16GB for $249, it looks like Google won’t be making much by selling the version with less storage. Any of you planning on purchasing the Nexus 7 when it goes on sale?

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