Android ICSAndroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich might have been released quite some time ago, but it looks like the majority of Android users have yet to upgrade to it. According to the latest stats released by Google, 10.9% of Android users are running Ice Cream Sandwich – this data comes from a 2-week long survey of Android devices accessing the Google Play store (Google’s app store). Not very good numbers considering how long Ice Cream Sandwich has been available to the public. The jump in ICS users has been attributed to the launch of the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X and we can expect to see numbers increase as other ICS devices get released this year.


But with Jelly Bean on the way, it means that there’s going to be another version of Android on the market that users have not upgraded to yet. Granted, most people don’t care about running the latest version of the operating system (if it works, why fix it?) and those who care enough about updating their devices already have already done so (via custom ROMs or official updates) – so these numbers don’t really mean much to anyone besides app developers who choose to support all the versions of Android available. And those numbers compared to other operating systems like iOS and Windows Phone don’t look too good. Hopefully Google, OEMs and carriers find some way to solve this in the future.

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