We’ve seen phones abused before, used as hammers, dropped from great heights, and we’ve seen ads for cases where phones have been submerged in water and the likes, but being dropped face first into a campfire? That’s definitely something new. Now we guess the question that many are asking are, “Is the phone still working?” Well assuming the original poster is telling the truth, yes it is. As reported on Reddit, the owner of the Droid X accidentally dropped his phone into a campfire after “having a few too many” and after pulling it out of the fire (and burning his fingers in the process), the phone surprisingly still works. While the body looks like a melted mess of plastic, it seems that the screen, the buttons, the earpiece, the microphone and even the camera is working fine (although he claims the camera appears fuzzy). You can check out the rest of the photos here. It looks like the Nokia 3310 might have found itself a competitor!

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