Whether or not you should dive into that calzone you just heated up is a good question. You’re not sure of the exact temperature and everyone knows that a calzone just isn’t as enjoyable after a burnt tongue. Well, Omrom is looking to solve your problem with the D6T infrared thermal sensor. The sensor is designed for consumer use and can be easily hooked up to your smartphone camera.

All you have to do is point it at the food or drink after it is hooked up and Bam! you’ll know the exact heat of your chosen snack and whether it is too hot for you to eat or not. The sensor can also be used to detect people. It is more useful than a motion detecter since it can also detect non-moving objects while a motion-detector cannot.

It could also be helpful with energy saving by telling if anyone is there or not and turning off the lights or air conditioning. Check out the video below and let us know if you’d be interested in the Omrom MEMS thermal sensor.

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