If you are all excited about the upcoming London Olympic Games that will kick off later in the month of July, then here is a little bit of news to get you off to a blistering start ahead of your peers, leaving them in your wake. I am referring to Samsung’s official Olympic Games app that is known as Samsung: Take Part 2012, where you can readily download it straight from the Google Play Store. With Samsung: Take Part 2012, you are able to compete with one another across a range of games and events in the Olympics, with the ultimate aim of winning as many medals as possible for your country – gold is very much preferred over silver and bronze, that goes without saying.

There is also the social engagement aspect for you to look into, where it allows you to enjoy augmented reality events such as Archery and Penalty Kicks – if you are English, then the latter is probably going to stab you in the heart. Will Samsung: Take Part 2012 be a success? Only time will tell, but I believe if you played the much older Mario and Sonic at the Olympics title on the Nintendo DS, it might just be more fun – albeit far more unrealistic, of course.

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