In this world, there are plenty of stereotypes – and when it comes to gamers, there is a certain stereotype associated with them as well. Gamers and geeks tend to be lumped together into a single category, so here we are with a novel idea – a dating site for gamers that was launched in the UK, calling it Shag a Gamer. The folks behind the idea of this dating site claims that it “fills the gap left for horny geeks who aren’t necessarily looking for dating or a long-term relationship, but who are interested in scouting for sex online and meeting up for no-strings nookie”.

Sounds a wee bit out of whack, no? One thing’s for sure, you will not find any missing items from your virtual cache of weapons unlike those who experienced bugs in Diablo 3’s Real Money Auction House, but watch out – you might just get your heart stolen by someone else. What do you think of this idea – will it have a long enough staying power, and will non-gamers sign up as well?

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