“Pink is my favorite color…” sang rocker Steve Tyler with his band, Aerosmith. Well, pink certainly does seem to be the color of choice this summer, as different hardware manufacturers have come up with a pink alternative to their normally bland shaded handsets, as with AT&T’s recent announcement for a pink Lumia 900. It does seem as though there is now a pink version of the Sony Xperia P in tow which was recently caught at Sony Mobile’s Weibo event.


Needless to say, as with its other pink brethren from other manufacturers, the only change here seems to be cosmetic in terms of color, otherwise everything else underneath the hood should remain similar. Apart from pink, you can still opt for more ‘normal’ colors like black, silver and red. There is no word on pricing or availability of the pink Xperia P as at press time. Just what is your budget if you were to have this in your sights, and do you really think that a pink shade on a device will persuade the ladies to pick one up?

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