We’ve seen 3D printers do many things from useful to novel, but here’s something that 3D printers can do that perhaps the police and those working in the security industry should sit up and pay attention to. A man by the name of Ray demonstrated during the Hackers on Planet Earth conference workshop last week that he was able to print 3D replicas of keys designed for handcuffs, ultimately allowing anyone cuffed to free themselves. His 3D replicas managed to open  handcuffs designed by German manufacturer, Bonowi, and British maker Chubb, both of whom have limited the distribution of their handcuff keys to law enforcement agencies.

Ray claims that he managed to create these replicas by measuring one of the original keys which he claims to have bought on eBay. He has also announced that he will be uploading his Chubb CAD files onto Thingiverse not for malicious purposes, but to demonstrate and highlight the vulnerabilities of handcuffs. Pretty scary, huh?

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