If you’ve been eyeing on the Galaxy Nexus all this time, but haven’t purchased one yet due to its price that you think will be better off spent on a Samsung Galaxy S3, then good news because Verizon has just dropped its price to $99.99 – if purchased online together with a two-year service agreement. As for the reason of the chopped price, sources from the web are saying that newer devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 are blowing the Galaxy S3 out of the water.

Earlier this week, we mentioned that Samsung has amassed an estimated number of 10 million sales for its Galaxy S3. It seems that older devices such as the Galaxy Nexus now don’t have much of a chance when compared to newer devices, unless of course they are offered at a much lower price. But that doesn’t mean that the Galaxy Nexus has gone cold. For many Android fans out there, the device is still touted as a great developer device, with the advantage of receiving the latest updates from the Android platform. So, does this sound like good news to you?

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