Verizon Wireless has just introduced the first game subscription app for Android, calling it GameTanium which is said to offer unlimited game play. Exent’s GameTanium will play nice not only on smartphones, but tablets as well, and GameTanium will remain as an exclusive only to Verizon Wireless customers and no one else. You will be able to gain access to over 100 of the best Android smartphone games with a choice of more than 50 tablet games, ranging from favorites like Doodle God to Fruit Ninja and World of Goo. The asking price for its monthly fee? We are looking at just $5.99 per device, which is rather reasonable if you spend plenty of time gaming on your smartphone or tablet, and just want to try out whatever comes out.

In the long run, if you only concentrate on one or two games per year, then it might not make too much economical sense to subscribe to GameTanium, as you would end up paying more for the option of being able to play so many games, and yet not exercising them. You would need to have a strong mind on what you want to play for the year ahead to skip GameTanium, but otherwise, if you are one who flits with the wind and whatever comes by, it does seem to be worth a shot. [Press Release]

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