Canon logoJust how many EF lenses do you think a company like Canon has produced to date? Well, we are looking at a milestone figure of 80 million having rolled off their production lines as of August 3, 2012. Just to pull some other figures out from our history books, the production of EF lenses passed the 10 million mark in 1995, where it took half a dozen years to double the amount to 20 million units. After that, another five years later in 2006, Canon arrived at the 30 million unit milestone before the 40 million mark knocked on Canon’s door in 2008.

Due to the fast growing EOS Digital range of SLR cameras, production ramped up for Canon’s EF lenses, picking up its momentum to arrive at the 50 million unit milestone in 2009, taking just two more years after that to touch the 60 million mark in January 2011, while the 70 million mark was the destination of choice in October 2011 itself. In the same amount of time it takes for a human baby to be carried to term, the EF lens series has arrived at the 80 million mark, and here are to the next 10 million EF lenses, Canon! [Press Release]

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