GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 is one of the gaming classics that will be long remembered for its original gameplay and immersive experience. The thing is, you do not reinvent the proverbial wheel, but you sure as heck can place the wheel in a lighter rim so that your ride can go faster, no? Enter this particular dual analog controller for the Nintendo 64, courtesy of a UK modder who wanted to perform a favor for his mate across the pond. Still sweating over Star Wars: Episode I Racer more than a decade after it appeared on the Nintendo 64, this particular game has a special code that you can enter to use a couple of N64 controllers in order to control the pod racers’ engines independently. Guess what – why not make a Nintendo 64 controller that houses both analog sticks on a single device?


Modder Clarky did exactly that, and while he is not that much of a podracer (probably the lack of midichlorians in him), at least he has the technical skills of young Anakin to back him up with his creation. As for the GoldenEye reference we made earlier, a different reader in the Bacteria modding community also did mention that GoldenEye came with a twin analog mode, hence making this dual analog controller legit for some modded controller gaming action.

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