Having a well trained team of dogs when it comes to sniffing out harmful materials and perhaps even drugs is essential to any government that is serious in the nation’s security, but what happens when you do not have the time and resources to groom an entire pack? The answer is simple – rope in the wonder of electronics. This particular tiny sensor is a project which is eight years in the making, where the final prototype can pick up the presence of harmful airborne substances, thanks to the efforts of a chemical engineering professor who intends to introduce this prototype electronic nose to the mass market. I am sure government officials have perked up their ears upon hearing this, and so did those in the military.

Professor Nosang Myung who based at the University of California, Riverside, is currently working with a firm known as Nano Engineered Applications in order to develop a commercial variation of the prototype nose, where it is capable of detecting gas leaks in addition to pesticide levels. When tweaked, this technology is useful to find a number of chemical agents, and perhaps serve its purpose in the military and homeland security markets. There is a second prototype in the pipeline which will be released in a month’s time, boasting GPS and Bluetooth technology to enable it to synchronize to a smartphone, with Wi-Fi connectivity being taken into serious consideration as well.

I need a commercial version which can sniff out a mean cup of coffee…

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