Go on, watch the video above and tell me that not once did you see yourself wearing the Glove Tricorder while posing stylishly like Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit. The Glove Tricorder is the latest creation from Med Sensation, where the objective of this medical peripheral is to make it easier not only for doctors, but patients as well, to diagnose specific diseases such as breast cancer in addition to other health problems like enlarged kidneys and other sub-dermal issues. The Glove Tricorder will hold a bunch of sensors that include pressure feedback loops and accelerometers. Sometime down the road, Med Sensation intends to include ultrasound pads to the tips of the glove so that doctors are able to see the inside of the breast as they manipulate the tissue.


At present, this system enables doctors to “quantify touch,” hence enabling them to tell exactly what they’re doing right (and obviously, wrong) during routine examinations. Take for example a trainee who squeezes too hard, or whose hand is in the wrong position – the Glove Tricorder will deliver an appropriate feedback to an instructor.

Med Sensation continued, “Soon everyone will have a glove that can be used to assess a sports injury or can be used to do self-clinical breast exams. In the future we will be able to augment a human’s ability to diagnosis illness, by adding sensors such as ultrasound probes that will be able to integrate the data and provide real-time assessment of heart valve abnormalities, abdominal pain, and much more without having to go to medical facility.”

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