When it comes to hardcore gamers, they do take the kind of hardware that they use very, very seriously. I mean, some of them do swear by a particular brand and will not use any other brands, while others do not mind making a change from time to time after they have worn out their current gaming hardware completely. With the KUDOS RS Gaming Mouse, it prides itself in being “everything pro gamers are looking for”, although we do wonder just how much water does that rather sweeping statement holds.

Accompanied by half a dozen insertable weights so that you will be able to get the right kind of ‘feel’ whenever your hand takes to the mouse, the KUDOS RS Gaming Mouse will come with seven programmable buttons including the 4D scroll wheel which allows you to assign macros to them, unleashing deadly combos and casting spells with but a simple mouse click. It has an on-the-fly dpi setting that ranges from 90dpi to 5700dpi, and you can toggle rapidly between five button configs using the profile switch. It comes in only one color though – metallic red with anthracite-coloured rubberized grips, although sadly the €49.99 KUDOS RS Gaming Mouse does not seem to cater to southpaws like yours truly. [Company Page]

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