If you were thrilled at the idea of a new Metal Gear Solid game, here’s something that will please you even further. While there has been some talk about the possibility of a Metal Gear Solid movie (who wouldn’t want to see that, right?!), it seems that such a possibility has been made into a reality as the Metal Gear Solid movie has been officially confirmed. It will be produced by none other than Avi Arad, the name behind some of the later Marvel productions, but unfortunately details about the movie are a bit scarce at this point, such as a possible plot, the cast and release date.

While the concept of Metal Gear Solid being made into a movie sounds like a good idea, there have been many video games that have been made into movies somewhat unsuccessfully (Doom comes to mind). They either stick too closely to the game’s plot which does not translate well into a movie, or they spin it off so far that apart from the characters, there’s nothing that resembles the game. In any case we hope with the success that Avi Arad has had with recent Marvel movies that Metal Gear Solid will be another notch he can add to his belt.

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