modern-warfare-3-imageI guess this particular 15-year old Ohio teen has his lucky stars to thank, as he collapsed from dehydration after duking it out on Modern Warfare 3 on his Xbox 360 for get this – 4 days in a row. Sure, he might have cheated death this once, but do remember that it is a very thin line that he is treading on here. Remember an earlier story on how a teenager died after playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight? According to the teen’s mother, her son came out from his room only to pick up some snacks to keep him going, as well as to grab a quick shower.

Now here is one word of advice from a cool headed authority figure, Dr. Mike Patrick, who is an emergency physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mike hopes that gamers, for all their reflexes and logical thinking, will be able to make use of this thing called common sense by getting their fair share of food and fluids, while taking frequent breaks for physical activity, and most importantly, ensure your body gets its adequate amounts of sleep!

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