After the successful landing of NASA’s heaviest piece of machinery on the red planet to date, the Curiosity Rover has sent back its first few images of the dusty planet, and if you can just squint your eyes a little bit, you might be able to check out the natives of Barsoom, and some say, a speck that could very well be John Carter leaping through the air. What Curiosity revealed was a rust-tinged, pebbly landscape, with the famous Mars crater rim being somewhere in the distance. The image was taken thanks to a camera which was located at the end of its robotic arm.

Approximately 300 or so low-quality thumbnails were sent back to Earth on Monday, and NASA has taken the trouble to process them into a short video. It would be great if there were High Definition photos shot from so far away, but I guess we will have to make do with what we have at the moment. Now all we need to do is land a man on Mars, and watch the potential of a whole new world open up to mankind.

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