Don’t you just hate it when you are in the middle of an engaging conversation over the phone and the line gets cut off due to poor signal or the end of your handset’s battery life? You cannot do much about the former other than to change carriers, but even so there is no guarantee. As for a depleted battery, this is where you can intervene with the right kind of accessory. PowerSkin has just announced its latest battery skin for the Motorola Atrix HD, where it is said to be able to offer an extended talk time of up to 220 minutes on a single charge.

Now, the idea of merging a protective case that also carries a battery is not new, but it is always a novelty when a new model that supports a different smartphone comes out. This PowerSkin for the Atrix HD will boast of a new angular design and smooth-touch, weather-resistant coating, coming in a durable, matte finish which will help it shrug off dust, scratches, moisture and grime. It has a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery integrated within, an On/off button and Smart Power Management capability, LED lights which indicate battery level and charge status, all coming in a one-piece, silicone case. The asking price? $69.99 if you are interested.

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