Any Star Wars fan is familiar with the yearn to be a Jedi that can wield a lightsaber and use the force, but besides a couple of well-edited videos, no one has seemed to grasp the concept yet. Now, anyone can use the force thanks to the Star Wars Force Glove designed by Uncle Milton.


The Force Glove allows the user to push or pull objects without having to touch them. Although as much as one wishes that you were actually using the force to move objects, the Force Glove works through the magnet attached in the palm part of the glove. The magnet on the glove comes with an embossed Rebel Alliance logo on one side and an Imperial logo on the other.

The set comes with a magnetic base and two attachments, one that features droids walking and the other with a lightsaber. Depending on which side of the magnet you are using, it will either push or pull the magnetic base. The Force Glove will set you back $19.99 and only comes with one. Le

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