Ps Vita Review Music Player

The music player is basic… too basic

When the Nintendo 3DS was released, it received a price cut soon after that which helped to bolster its sale. Well if you were hoping that Sony might follow suit and do the same thing for the PlayStation Vita, you would be out of luck, assuming of course you were hoping for a price cut this year. Speaking to the folks at Eurogamer during Gamescom, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida stated that there will be no price cuts coming to the PlayStation Vita this year. Instead they will be focusing on releasing bundles and that it was “too soon” to be slashing prices.

“Of course, cost reduction is one area our engineering team is working on. But we just launched the platform earlier this year. It takes time to do so […] At a certain point in the future we would like to address the pricing issue for some of the people who are waiting. But this year we are trying to add value by creating different types of bundles. We announced we will provide LittleBigPlanet PS Vita bundle pack. That’s affordable for people who are looking for a good deal.”

So if you’re looking for a cheap PlayStation Vita, you’ll probably have to wait until Black Friday. For those living outside of the US, you’ll be out of luck unless you can get a friend to buy it and ship it to you.

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