If you’re too lazy to walk, or perhaps want to get around in style, this concept CT-S electric scooter might be of interest to you. Designed by Goldberg Boris, the CT-S electric scooter was apparently inspired by Lexus’s innovative L-FINESSE, sporting pretty sleek curves and a very minimalist and clean design. According to its designer, the device will be made from aerospace lightweight carbon fiber and will be powered by lithium ion batteries. Since it is merely a concept, we have no idea how long the scooter will be able to run for before requiring a recharge, but its designer has stated that the batteries will be “long lasting.” As far as charging goes, it can be charged by placing it in the trunk of your vehicle using a standard 12v socket, and has been designed to be used as the “last mile journey to the office.” Talk about convenient, you may very well be the envy of your colleagues! So, who wouldn’t mind seeing this CT-S electric scooter become a reality?

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