We’re sure that some of you guys have heard of the rumors that Samsung is planning on launching a flexible smartphone in the near future. After all, flexible AMOLEDs have been demonstrated before in the past, so a flexible smartphone isn’t exactly a stretch of the imagination. While a flexible display is a necessary component of the device, we’re not sure how many of you guys might have forgotten about the internals as well, such as its battery. Well it seems that the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have not only come up with a flexible battery, but have demonstrated it as well in the video above. Put together by Professor Keon Jae Lee and his team, these flexible lithium-ion batteries can be bent and warped and reportedly will not impact the battery’s performance in any way. This is pretty cool and great advancement and would certainly help with the development of a flexible smartphone, assuming it has not been adopted already, or if an alternative has been discovered. Either way if you’d like to see the demonstration, be sure to check it out in the video above.

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