We’ve watched the computer-animated science fiction film WALL-E in 2008 that was produced by Pixar Animation Studios. And boy, I still have wonderful memories of the humble WALL-E robot. But my adoration for the character is nothing compared to Mike Senna, a robot enthusiast from California. Unknown to many, Mike was able to create a life-sized version of the robot. Mike says that the had to watch the movie over and over again to get the details right.


Finally, after spending 25 hours a week on the project, his own WALL-E robot was finished. Mike says that his WALL-E robot can wave both of its hands, lower its arms, move its heads, and shrug its shoulders. Prior to his WALL-E project, Mike also built his own version of R2-D2 way back in 2002. He has previously shown his R2-D2 to a charity event for a pediatric cancer charity. This year, however, Senna showed WALL-E where the robot brought a lot of smiles into the kids’ faces. To learn more about the robot, check out his blog.

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