We have heard about Amazon preparing new Kindle Fire tablets for the near future, especially after rumors of an iPad mini are being thrown about while Google’s Nexus 7 does seem to thrive pretty well in this market segment. Well, someone has tipped Engadget about hardware usage logs which threw additional light on a couple of possible hits – where the new device is known as “AmazonKFTT” instead of the far more plain “AmazonKindleFire” language that goes with the original model.


Apart from that, it is entirely plausible that Amazon has introduced an upgrade to the operating system which runs underneath the hood – and we are referring to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich here which is always a good thing. Of course, it might not be the buttery smooth Android 4.1 Jelly Bean here, but at least something is better than nothing, don’t you think so? Will the AmazonKFTT be a Kindle Fire with a firmware update, or are you banking on it being the next generation Kindle Fire that will usher Amazon into newer heights of tablet supremacy on their site? Only time will tell, so hold on and sit tight!

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