I believe that the future will see newer medical appliances and contraptions help the disabled as well as weak bodied be as able-bodied as possible, so much so that they can also live what majority of us deem to be the “normal” life. Of course, nothing quite beats a positive attitude and the right mindset, but assuming one was suffering from a neurological disorder that affected the strength of your legs, one might soon be able to obtain help from the Kickstart Kinetic Orthosis that will help one walk with a greater amount of precision, and of course, ease. The Kickstart Kinetic Orthosis is the brainchild of Cadence Biomedical, where it will be able to stash away energy when flexing the knee, releasing it to help propel the foot forward during the extension phase.

The Kickstart Kinetic Orthosis received its inspiration from “the anatomy of horses, whose long tendons span multiple joints and allow for highly efficient walking and running.” Another plus point of the Kickstart Kinetic Orthosis would be the fact that it needs no bulky and heavy batteries, as it is not powered by such. That translates to more freedom without having to juice it up, or making a whole lot of noise due to motors. Not only that, depending on the patient’s needs, the Kickstart Kinetic Orthosis can be modified to be used on one or both legs.

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