The McLaren P1 will hope to be able to continue from where its legendary predecessor, the McLaren F1 left off, by making an appearance at the Paris Motor Show. It will no doubt share a similar project name of its predecessor that lit up the automobile world in the 1990s, and will definitely be able to take on the next generation of hypercars such as the Ferrari Enzo successor to the Porsche 918 Spyder. As a testament to British engineering, the McLaren P1 will be built in the UK.

McLaren did say that the P1 is a ‘design study’ which should be a preview of the final production version that will hit the roads, driven by mega-rich sports stars as well as oil oligarchs. Chances are the final production car will not veer too far away from the design that you see above. It should be a highly sought after ride, considering that a regional director for McLaren dropped hints that only 500 P1s will roll off their production lines, and each P1 will carry a price tag of less than one million Euros.

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