Kim Dotcom is rather well-known for having created MegaUpload, one of the most popular file-sharing websites that was recently taken down by the authorities. While the case between the U.S. authorities and Dotcom continues, the latter hasn’t been sitting idle. According to him, he has been working on a whole host of new services that will be launched soon.

Among them is Megabox, which is a music-sharing service. It hasn’t been launched yet and the philosophy behind Megabox is to let the artists sell their music directly to the consumers who can, in turn, download the music straight from the website. Dotcom released a video today, teasing at the features Megabox is going to pack.

Currently, artists have to sell their music through prominent distribution houses and music labels. And this costs them quite a fortune, bringing them a tiny portion of the total sales generated by their music. Dotcom intends to launch a win/win solution for both the artists and the consumers.

By launching their music through Megabox, artists can directly sell it to the common users without having to give the lion’s share to music labels. Users, on the other hand, can get music without having to pay the added huge fees of the labels. Moreover, Dotcom claims that the service is ‘100 percent safe’, apparently referring to the legal problems that riddled his earlier venture, MegaUpload. You can view the teaser video of Megabox posted below:

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