Looks like Wikipedia going dark, numerous comics drawn and articles written in protest of SOPA has proved useless (on the surface, although no human can predict the future accurately), as Megaupload has been shut down by US officials. Just in case you have been living under a rock for the longest time without using the computer, Megaupload is “just” one of the Internet’s largest file-sharing sites, while four of the site’s founders were charged with violating piracy laws, and had their luxury vehicles seized in the process. According to federal prosecutors, Megaupload has cost copyright holders over $500m (£320m) in lost revenue, although Megaupload vehemently denies that, claiming that they have been diligent in responding to complaints concerning pirated material.

This particular news did not come at a good time, considering it is just a day after anti-piracy law protests, although investigators did claim that the arrest was ordered a couple of weeks ago. Sounds hard to believe, but I will leave that up to the individual to assess the veracity of that statement. What do you think?

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