Have you ever wished you had super powers? You know, like the ability to move things with your mind, make objects explode and all that? Well now you can! While you won’t actually be getting super powers, you can simulate what it might be like to have them thanks to this souped up version of the Star Wars Force Trainer. Unlike the regular Star Wars Force Trainer, this beefed up version was created by Chris and Brad of hackerspace LVL1 and is dubbed “Mind over Melon”.

For those not familiar with the Force Trainer, it’s basically an EEG device that scans your brainwaves and when a certain level of concentration has been reached, an action will be triggered, namely the switching on of a fan that will push up a ball in a plastic tower, giving the illusion that you are using “the Force” to make the ball float. However in the Mind over Melon project, instead of a fan, they have rigged it to an air compressor where the signals are processed with Arduino-based electronics. When the wearer’s concentration has reached a certain level, a shot of air will be pushed out that will be strong enough to explode a watermelon! Pretty cool, huh? More info can be found at LVL1’s website, while the video of it in action can be found at WHAS11’s page.

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