Do you think that Bruce Wayne has one of the coolest rides in town? If you answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to read about the Spherical Drive System Bike which works on a slightly different concept. Instead of wheels, it carries its rider on a pair of round wheels, or balls, if you will. The brainchild of students from the San Jose State University, it makes sure that your ride does not remain restricted to just one axis of movement.

At the very least, the Spherical Drive System Bike will allow you to balance itself out, and you can move side to side without having to turn. Strafing on roads? That would be new, but will it be safe as the rest of the motorists will have a new kind of vehicle to contend with, not to mention getting used to the sight of these zooming through traffic will take some time. The final prototype for low speed testing should be ready in the near future.

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