Given that Apple’s iPad was not originally designed to be used with styluses, there is no place to keep a stylus if you were to use one. Sure you could put them into your pocket or bag, but since it isn’t actually attached to the tablet, you could forget to bring it out with you. Wacom is hoping that make styluses for the iPad a little more obvious and has announced the availability of its Bamboo Stylus pocket. Designed to be portable, this stylus will collapse into itself, allowing for easy storage in pockets, and best of all it comes with a cap that will allow you to attach it to the headphone jack on the iPad. It’s not the most elegant solution plus there’s always the possibility of the stylus smacking against the screen or the rear shell of your iPad, but at least you won’t forget to bring it with you! Made from aluminum, the Bamboo Stylus pocket features a conductive rubber tip which can be swapped out for a firmer one depending on preference, which is also compatible with the company’s Bamboo Paper – Notebook app. It is available via Wacom’s website for $34.95.

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