According to the official announcement, the Nintendo Wii U is expected to make its way to Europe come 30th of November which is a good 12 days after the US gets it. Well if you’re living in Europe and you wished that the console would release earlier, you might get your wish thanks to an ad which has revealed that the Wii U will be released on the 23rd of November instead. Oddly enough, these ads only appear for those who do not have Flash enabled in their browsers, but turning Flash back on will revert the ad back to the 30th of November date. Are we looking at a glitch here or has the Nintendo Wii U release for Europe been bumped up by a week? If that is indeed the case, it is good news for European gamers but if it isn’t, then we guess there was no real loss to begin with. Either way we will be keeping our eyes peeled for more information, but until Nintendo acknowledges the possible change in dates, we suggest you keep your expectations to a minimum for now.

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